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Things to do before I die.

Complete the Batvan

Complete the Retro Roller

Get my permit

Get my license

Get a car

Sit in the middle of a thunderstorm in the night

Cry at a re-made Disney classic in theaters(Lion King 3D <3)

Get my own house

Finish reading the Bible

Win an awesome contest

Finish 9th Grade

Finish 10th Grade

Finish 11th Grade

Finish 12th Grade

Graduate from Highschool

Make an enormous change in the world

Live in peaceful solitude

Find that special someone

Eat Nutella

Construct a DarthBatsuit

Pick up a 65-pound weight with one hand and curl it

Take a walk, enjoy the small things on atleast one Sunday

Fight a battle against a giant mutant battle octopus that shoots flamethrowers out of its eyes and creates baby mutant battle octopi that shoot flamethrowers out of their eyes by simply opening its suction cups

Turn 16

Do something so daring that there’s no way in the world I would ever be able to regret it

Get wasted off of Cap’n Crunch

Get wasted off of Reeses’ Puffs

Be awesome

Be awesome again

Show her what for it mean to be

…to be continued.

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